22th Annual Meeting of Chest Wall International Group (CWIG). Barcelona. 14-16 septiembre 2022

Dear honored colleagues,

The local organizing committee and I are pleased to announce that the 22th Annual Meeting of Chest Wall International Group (CWIG) on 14th to 16th of September in Barcelona, Spain is ready to go . https://cwigcongressbarcelona2022.com/

The preliminary version of Scientific Program is on the website, in which you can enjoy all the important aspects of chest wall surgery including pectus deformities, chest wall oncological conditions, chest wall reconstruction, and new ideas and techniques.

 In the Gala Dinner, you will enjoy a robustly flavored fine dining and party.  The acceptance will be close in 31 July  due to limited seats. Please don’t miss out. https://cwigcongressbarcelona2022.com/pricing-and-registration

Our congress offer Live Surgery Demonstrations perform by the maximal experts surgeons around the world. We have 6-7 selected cases of standard and complex pectus deformity repair with different techniques and strategies of the state-of-the-art. The discussion between the operating table and the auditorium will be relentless throughout the course of surgery to combat every risk-prone element of pectus surgery. 

Dry Lab allows in-person  participants the opportunity to manoeuvre freely among multiples stations and perform various steps of the Nuss procedure.

Registration is available on-site. Please join us not to miss this important opportunity to brush up your knowledge on the highest technology of chest wall surgery, and gear up your ideas a notch with the expertise of the world-renowned surgeons. https://cwigcongressbarcelona2022.com/

We are looking forward very much to seeing you in Barcelona, 

All the best



Vídeo de bienvenida del presidente de la sociedad

Curso práctico de Cirugía Laparoscópica Pediátrica

Cursos de cirugía laparoscópica neonatal y cirugía laparoscópica urológica en Mallorca. Mayo de 2022
Colaboración de los servicios de simulación de los hospitales Garraham y Elizalde de Buenos Aires y Son Espases, de Palma de Mallorca. Cursos con modelos inanimados de las patologías más frecuentes.
Días 5 y 6 de mayo 2022: Cirugía laparoscópica neonatalDías 9 y 10 de mayo 2022: Cirugía laparoscópica urológica
Directora científica de los cursos: Dra. María Marcela Bailez