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Encuestas EUPSA

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Happy New Year from the Network Office!
On behalf of EUPSA Network Office we are inviting members to participate in two surveys please.

The first is on the ‘TIMING OF INGUINAL HERNIA REPAIR IN PREMATURE INFANTS’. This is an area in which there is considerable variation in practice and a lack of consensus about the most appropriate, clinically effective and cost effective approach. It would be great to be able to find out what current practice exists and what attitudes are in order to understand whether future work should focus on further research in this field or to generate guidance. You can complete the survey here:

Take the survey

The second survey is on the ‘ MANAGEMENT OF UNDESCENDED TESTES’. Members will be aware that in 2016 the EAU/ESPU published guidelines aiming to standardise care and improve outcomes in children with undescended testes. However we suspect that there is variable uptake of the guidelines and that as a result they are not being universally implemented. This survey aims to understand how well these guidelines are being adhered to, identify reasons for non-adherence including perhaps that surgeons do not agree with the underlying evidence base or that there are logistical challenges. We hope that by understanding this in more detail we may be able to understand whether there is a need for further research in this field, identify opportunities to overcome logistical barriers and ultimately improve adherence to the guidelines and improve outcomes in the future. You can complete this survey here:

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Both surveys are relatively short and should take no more than 10 minutes each to complete. Your contribution to these is extremely valued and this is your opportunity to help share future work in these fields as well as and an opportunity to give your scientific contribution to our Association. We would encourage members to please complete both these surveys as soon as possible and by January 15th, 2023 at the latest.

With best wishes

The EUPSA Network Office